How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

The months leading up to your wedding are often surrounded by spending time with your closest friends and family and bonding with your significant other.  However, this can also be one of the most stressful times in your life. 

You are trying to plan a wedding that is perfect for both you and your spouse, while also trying to please your guests’ needs–not to mention all of the little things you had no idea went into weddings. This can cause tension and unnecessary lack of sleep in the months before your big day. 

Use the following tips on planning the perfect wedding to alleviate some of the worries you may come across. 

Set a Budget

Setting a limit on how much you can spend, and following the ceiling, can help take away so much stress. Budgets can be the most tedious part of wedding planning, but using one will make the rest of the planning easier.

They make sure you set limits on yourself, so you do not end up buying unnecessary or expensive things. Saving yourself from debt is the first step to having a successful wedding, whether or not you realize it.

Entertainment is Key

Make sure you spend a decent amount of time planning for entertainment for guests. While it may seem easy to hire the DJ from your senior year prom, you might end up making better memories with wedding singers. You can easily find wedding singers that match whatever kind of music genre you want by merely just asking friends for recommendations or even just simply Googling it. There are wedding singers in nearly every city, so a quick “wedding singer Kansas City” search can help you find the person that can make your wedding a blast for everyone involved. 

Prioritize Your Wants

Maybe your spouse wants a five-layer chocolate cake, but you want enough seats for 300 people at your ceremony. Make a list of everything and anything you possibly may wish to have at your wedding and see which of those items you need, which you want, and which you can live without.

This avoids having to make compromises close to the wedding day because you cannot get both the chocolate cake AND the seating arrangements. This also helps you pick venues and decorations much easier.

Set a Timeline

The word “deadline” may seem stressful, but it helps make sure you stay on track in the midst of planning five different things at once. Deadlines also help you stay away from the panic that all catering companies or photographers are booked because you waited too late to hire one.

Start thinking about potential dates and who you may want to invite when you first get engaged, and as time gets closer, the planning will get more and more narrow. Luckily, people have created trusty timelines that are free to use online

Weddings can be stressful, but following these steps can help you plan your perfect wedding.