10 Double Vanity Ideas to Try in Your Bathroom

Before you decide what sort of thing to get in your bathroom, it’s best to do some research beforehand. Many types of vanities are available for purchase.

You can choose between single or double vanities – the latter is used when there are two sinks in one unit. Double vanities can be made from various materials, including granite and marble. Those are great options for a bathroom remodel plan.

When you choose a double vanity, having an idea about style and design is essential. This article will present some creative ideas to help you make the right choice for your bathroom.

Single Or Double Vanities – Which One Suits Your Bathroom Best? ​

Before buying anything for your bathroom remodeling project, it’s wise to consider what type of vanities you need. Depending on the size of your bathroom, single or double vanities can be a better choice.

When deciding between single and double vanities for your bathroom, keep in mind that the latter will not only look good but also make it much more functional. If you have small kids or older relatives who often visit, it’s advisable to go for double vanities with one sink.

Having only one basin means that you won’t have to deal with splashing water around the bathroom and fewer chances of people getting hurt. If children are still too young to be careful when washing their hands, having a single vanity is necessary.

10 Double Vanity Ideas To Try Out!

There is no doubt that the bathroom needs a little more thought when decorating. It might be a small room, but there are plenty of options to choose from these days, including double vanities. Make sure your bathroom looks fantastic by selecting one of the ten double vanity ideas. Moreover, you can also consult a plumbing company like Z PLUMBERZ of Auburn Hills to learn about vanity installation and water connection requirements.

1. Classic Look

A classic look that never disappoints is to go for a double sink and mirror combination, leaving one wall for your storage space.

That also works well if you like to do your makeup in the morning as you will have a surface top to put everything on. Some homeowners might prefer to build their cabinets around the sink area.

2. Contemporary look

A way to achieve a contemporary look is to go for a slightly raised ledge surface, akin to what you might see in the kitchen – but instead put it around your mirror and place a mirror above if needed.

You can also use upcycled cabinet doors or drawers here for extra storage space if required. That would work well in a modern bathroom where the decor is minimalistic.

3. Double Corner Sinks

You could also go for double corner sinks if you have enough space in your bathroom. That would be pretty rare, but it could look great, especially when paired with an exciting wall design, such as some unique tiles or wallpaper. It might be a good idea to contact a company that offers plumbing services in La Crescenta-Montrose (or local to your area) to see if they can install the sinks for you. This design can look fantastic but the sinks will need to be installed carefully.

The only downside to this option is that you would need at least a foot and a half on each side for these sinks, which might not be possible in some bathrooms.

4. Traditional Double Vanity Placement

The more traditional double vanity placement makes the entire bathroom work with this idea. There are many places you can buy premade cabinets like this if you don’t feel like doing them yourself – make sure you measure up beforehand to check that it will fit into the space you have in mind.

It will make for a very luxurious bathroom, and there are plenty of styles to choose from, depending on your taste.

5. Double Vanity With A Modern Touch

Another option is to go for a double vanity with a modern touch by choosing two separate vanities, which can be placed one in front of the other. That will give you a slightly cleaner look. It might work well with your bathroom decor if it is not cluttered.

Plus, you can choose cabinet colors that contrast each other to make sure they stand out at all times. You can also give suggestions to your bathroom renovation contractor so they can add the proper modern touch you want.

6. Mixed Styles

Another creative idea for your double vanity is to mix the two styles by placing one vanity on top of the other. That might work well if you have very little space as it ensures that everything is as compact as possible.

You can also go for a different style with each set of drawers to make sure they complement each other visually.

7. Storage Under Double Sinks

If you want to keep your bathroom warm and inviting, you can go for a double sink and put some storage underneath for extra towels. That will also work if you want to do your makeup in the morning, allowing you to pick out your clothes while you get ready at the same time.

Plus, it just looks very inviting and warm if the theme is completed nicely.

8. Double Sink And Mirror With A Shelf Above

For a more luxurious bathroom, you could go for a double sink and mirror with an exciting shelf above it.

You can use that for decorative purposes to make the space look more attractive and allow you to put your perfume on display in a cute way. It is a straightforward design decision that takes up little space around the mirror.

9. Wall-Protruding Designs

Another fantastic double vanity option is to create something that looks like it has been built into the wall. You can go all out with this design and make sure that it isn’t only functional and looks beautiful.

It is an effortless way of creating some luxury around your bathroom, especially if your tiles are already relatively featureless. There are plenty of bathroom remodeling companies that can help you set up these designs.

10. Single Cabinet With Multiple Countertop Areas

If you want to make sure that your double vanity is as compact as possible, go for a single cabinet with multiple countertop areas.

This way, you can select the surface area that best meets your needs while not taking up too much space in the bathroom – though, obviously, you must leave enough space around the cabinet! Also, ensure that the countertops in Denver are of high quality and blend well with your bathroom cabinets without looking out of place.

Should You Go For Double Vanity Bathrooms?

There are many different double vanity ideas that you can try in your bathroom, and these are just some of the most effective ones! They all have their pros and cons depending on your style preference – whether you want something more traditional or modern.

You could also go for a themed design if you wanted to, such as having blue tiles on one side and purple tiles on the other. If you want more ideas, you can always calllocal bathroom contractors to help you.

Just remember that if you are designing your double vanity, then there is no need to stick with the symmetry of two equal sides – forgo for what works best in your bathroom!