3 Reasons Shaving With A Safety Razor Will Make America Great Again

Regardless of your political affiliations, most people agree that America could use a little help. While political debates rage on about what to do and how to do it, you have the power to make America great again by shaving with a safety razor.

  1. Safety razors are a zero-waste product (disposables are not)

To make America great again, we need to focus on the health of our planet. We don’t have an infinite amount of space to bury our endless piles of trash, but manufacturers continue to produce disposable products for everyday use, including razors.

Disposable razors are the most Earth-unfriendly grooming tool you could ever buy. According to Bay Disposal, the EPA estimates consumers throw away 2 billion disposable razors each year. That’s a lot of razors sitting in landfills.

So, for those who don’t want to spend money on Laser Hair Removal Services just yet, but still want great hair removal, a better option for you and the planet is a safety razor. Quality safety razors are built to last a lifetime (or more) and you only need to change the blade. Blade replacements cost between ten cents and fifty cents each, and if you’re shaving your face, one blade will last about eight shaves. If you’re shaving your legs, the blades will last a little longer.

Safety razor blades are made of stainless steel and are recyclable. The blades are individually wrapped in paper inside a cardboard box, making all components recyclable.

Disposable razors have two big strikes against them:

  • They have a short lifespan. If you shave every day, you probably contribute about 100 disposable razors to the landfills each year. If you use more than two razors per week, that number is much higher.
  • They can’t be recycled. Disposable razors aren’t recyclable because of the risks posed to sanitation workers who sort recyclables. You can recycle the plastic portion of a disposable razor, but you must remove the metal blade first. Who has time for that?

Even so-called “compostable” razors aren’t eco-friendly because nothing in a landfill will ever decompose. That’s right, landfills are designed to be anaerobic environments that prevent decomposition. A compostable disposable razor won’t decompose when it’s sitting in a landfill, which means you’re paying more for no reason.

A suitable alternative to disposables is a cartridge razor. While cartridge razor heads still need to be thrown away, they usually last longer than disposable razors and they take up less space since the handle is always reused.

  1. Safety razors are more affordable than disposables

You’ll know America is great again when you have more money in your pocket. Shaving with a safety razor will help you accomplish that goal.

A decent cartridge head costs about $3. If you can get five shaves out of one cartridge, and you shave every day, you’ll spend about $219 per year on razors.

A safety razor will cost about $30 up front, and if one blade lasts 5 shaves (5 days) you’ll only spend $7.30 for a year’s supply of blades (at ten cents each).

  1. Safety razors give a better, cleaner shave

Greatness begins with a clean, close shave. For a close shave that won’t leave random stubble behind, you need a safety razor.

With a safety razor, you’ll lather up like usual, but you don’t need to use much pressure against your skin. You also want to shave at a slight angle and use short, slightly overlapping strokes. If you lathered correctly, you’ll notice immediately that your razor will glide over your skin and your face will be smooth.

It’s time to get unplugged

If you’re hooked on fancy electric razors with moving heads and multiple blades, it’s time to unplug. Even the best electric razor won’t provide the close shave you’ll get with a safety razor. Wet shaving will always be superior to using an electric razor. With the exception of a straight razor, a safety razor beats all other wet shaving options, too.

Anyone can learn to shave with a safety razor. They’re easy to use and don’t require much maintenance. You’ll get the closest shave you’ve ever had and you’ll never go back to disposables again.