Five Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is definitely brain food. A meal that kicks start your day in vigour and intensity, one that will fuel you to keep the good spirits burning. Yet, most of us skip our breakfast on a daily basis, blaming the rush and hustle of the hour and go on grabbing quick junk snacks to satiate the hunger. Bad choice! You’ll have to go sluggish till you have the access to a full course meal.

Here are some interesting breakfast choices which are quick, healthy and yummy all at the same time.



What can help you stick on to the schedule, eat a healthy breakfast and feel filled for an active morning? Smoothie! You can simply throw in healthy fruits and veggies into a blender, along with dairy or non-dairy milk, blend for 30-60 seconds and you have your breakfast ready to be enjoyed. If you are a fan of chocolates or peanut butter, smoothies can taste even better. An even better way to enjoy your smoothie can be in travel cans and sipping on while you travel to work.



Eggs are the complete protein food and have been consumed in different parts of the world as the main breakfast item. Different from the conventional recipes there are some quick fix up egg dishes. Here’s one: In a decent sized coffee cup, add egg, water and some veggies of your choice like mushrooms or tomatoes. Blend thoroughly and microwave for 25-30 seconds on high. Mix it well and add in cheese, salt and pepper or any condiment you prefer. If you like your eggs deep cooked, microwave for another 30 seconds and devour the tasty goodness.

  1. T-E-A TOAST


Toasts can be a hearty fill in your quick breakfast and T-E-A toast can be a real jump start to your perfect day. No, it has got nothing to do with tea. This is simply tomato, egg and avocado all stuffed between the perfectly crispy bread prepared in a toaster. Spread toast with the avocado mashed with salt, place the sliced tomatoes, top with a fried egg and place the second toast on top. You are good to go with the tasty nourishing goodness.

  1. Sweet-WICH


Almost all of the sandwich menus we see will have a number of sweet sandwiches tucked in them. What if you are a mediocre sweet-tooth? Mello down the sweetness with innovative sandwich recipes like this.

On a lightly toasted oatmeal bread spread some ricotta, honey, red chilli flakes and top with the second slice. Enjoy!




This is the era of innovation so why don’t we try some innovation in breakfast? Take an apple, slice it into three thick slices and cut off the bottom to make it sit flat on a surface. Now, spread peanut butter on each slice and top it with dried fruits or nuts and form back into apple shape. The healthy and tasty apple sandwich is ready to be chowed down.