My Daily Routine

As we entered into the working world, responsibilities are getting increasingly uptight. We find it tougher to strike a balance in every aspect of our life.

Sometimes, maintaining focus can be hard to complete your urgent tasks. In the end, you always end up with exhaustion, tiredness, frustration and depression when the results do not show. A daily routine, hence comes into picture to provide a better guideline on how to manage your day with ease and discipline.

Why is a daily routine important ?

Having  daily routine can speed up my productivity by focusing on the tasks at hand. Before I start my day, I will always write down the two to three critical tasks that I would want to complete. This will allow me to visualise an end goal in mind by the end of the day. So I will start off by categorizing my tasks based on Urgent and Important. Urgent represents a must do task and Important represents task that can be done at the later day.



  1. Write 1 blog post with 2000 words. (Important)
  2. Update all social media channels about my upcoming event. (Urgent)
  3. Conduct a meeting with my team members on hitting KPI. (Urgent)


Through categorizing, your mind will be more present and concentrated on the task for tonight.


Daily routine breakdown:


  1. Morning

I usually start off by giving my morning a 1.5 hour ‘me’ time session. I start by making my bed, brush my teeth and wash my face. That will last about 15 minutes. Then I will continue with my daily gratitude prayers for positive energy and a grounded concentration towards my end goal. This will take another 15 minutes.


Next up will be a short HIIT workout for about 30 minutes, shower for 15 mins and follow by a 15 mins of healthy breakfast time.


  1. Afternoon

When it is close to mid afternoon, I will start writing down and categorizing my tasks in diary. This will take 20 minutes. Once done, I will start doing the most urgent task stated. I like to take short breaks in between my work. This is to give myself some time to breathe and re-energize my mind. My short breaks last for 10 minutes each. Lunch 1 hour. This routine will last till evening 6pm.


  1. Evening

From 6pm to 7pm is another exercise routine. I will head to the gym to do some cardio and weights. After that will be shower session and dinner time. Later in the night, I will be recharging myself with some reflection activities. This includes journalling and reading a good book. For couples, this will be a great time to spend some quality and intimate time together communicating. Once in a while, I will be hanging out with my sisters and have fun.


It is very important to understand yourself and craft a daily routine that suits both your personal and professional needs. Don’t forget to add some ‘me’ time for rest and recharge.